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martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Víctor Truviano - Proceso 11 Días en Finlandia.

Fragmento del programa MAESTROS CREADORES que conduce Víctor Brossa en Radio Seres Fm, donde el mismo Víctor Brossa charla con su amigo Víctor Truviano sobre el proceso de los 11 días que van a compartir para el que lo desee en Julio del 2012 en Finlandia.
Víctor Truviano lleva años compartiendo estos procesos y siempre lo hizo solo, pero en este caso excepcional ha decidido hacerlo con Víctor Brossa, aportando desde esta unión una experiencia única al ya de por sí espectacular proceso. Un proceso que de forma sencilla te lleva a experimentar la esencia de la conciencia de ser y estar, recibido por el mismo Víctor Truviano desde estados sensacionales.
Víctor Brossa quedó fascinado con los resultados del proceso en su vida y decidió apoyarlo contando su propia experiencia en uno de los capítulos de su libro EL DESPERTAR DE LOS MAESTROS CREADORES. Ahora ambos han decidido juntos experimentar esta entrega desde la que invitamos a los interesados a acercarse a los beneficios del proceso Mente pránica, cuerpo pránico conocido comunmente como EL PROCESO DE LOS 11 DÍAS.

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  1. 11 days process – pranic mind – pranic body

    Victor Brossa* Victor Truviano

    20.-30. 7. 2012 in Kustavi, Finland
    11 days process is a beautiful intensive internal journey to our own divinity, guided by Victor Truviano, who has been sharing different processes since six years. Hundreds of people around the world have received the 11 days process and felt it as a sort of turning point of their lives. Something will change essentially by stepping in this internal adventure.
    During these 11 days we will have opportunity to experience pranic state* of being in our bodies and minds. That can lead us to unblock our fears and mental limitations. Process leads us to confront our internal experience of “me” and helps to deal with any aspect which needs to be changed or liberated, like addictions and needs. Within this process the mind is taught that there is no danger in being in the pranic state. Different freedom and happiness will be revealed. Question about eating is not the main thing.
    *pranic state – a state where a person takes all nutrition from prana – everywhere existing life energy

    The structure of 11 days process
    Every day there will be a session with different ways of breathing. We will concentrate on the place in our bodies where the cold air of inhalation and warm air of exhalation meet, the empty space between those, where the creation takes place. In these sessions we will be working by opening into pranic consciousness, directly with the neutrons, through the neutral magnetic charge of the physical body. These sessions activate a state within the physical body that has always been there and only needs to be uncovered. Beyond the question of food, and eating or not eating, we are working directly with consciousness through the electromagnetic field.
    Days 1 to 11
    1st day there will be served light vegetarian meal
    2nd and 3rd days you`ll take liquids - fruit juices diluted with water, and finally pure water
    4th-6th days are “dry” without any liquids.
    7th-10th days start again with liquids, first much diluted, slowly increasing the amount of juice
    11th day you will receive the consequences of your personal process, and start to eat as you wish. This allows the awakening of eating from a different place of awareness, especially to stop using food as a way to block emotions.

    In these 11 days you will be free from all doing, but also free to do what you want. Silence is recommended and also it is recommended to truly be in retreat… without mobile and internet. The process is completely safe, but not recommended for people with mental illnesses of other sever illnesses.

    Costs are 900 Euros, including accommodation and meal and juices
    Place will be Itätalo in Kustavi (

    About Victor

    Victor Truviano is (Argentinean born) considered pranic breatharian. For more than 6 years he has lived without food or water. During this time his body has gone through a special process- it has completely rejuvenated, he sees perfectly (he was short sighted), has grown new hair and new teeth. etc.
    This is not new to Ayurveda, it is written in the old books, but in him that ancient knowledge has been revealed.
    He integrates and continues the pranic process within his life, gently and gradually. He has received various transmissions from the light, which he feels called to share with those that resonate. The 11 days process was being received in one of those transmissions, three years ago.

    About Victor Brossa

    es uno ser muy especial con corazon abierto dispoesto por compartir lo mos maravilloso de su vida en el arte en la forma linda de vivir que le permitir entregar este proceso de forma muy amorosa.Muchos Gracias V Brossa por permitir crear esto con consotros* Vi, Heather y Sebastian.

    For more information, please contact


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