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miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

Tu Verdadero Tú.

Un remix de orientación filosófica de finales 1971 del filósofo Alan Watts, "una conversación conmigo mismo", combinado con imágenes de la película "Baraka".


You're breathing
The wind is blowing
The trees are waving
Your nerves are tingling

The individual and the universe
Are inseparable
But the curious thing is
Very few people are aware of it

Everything in nature
Depends on everything else
So it's interconnected

We confuse ourselves as living organisms which are one with this whole universe
With something we call our personality
And what is our personality?

And our fundamental self is not something just inside the skin
It's everything around us with which we connect

When you look out of your eyes
At nature happening out there
You're looking at you
That's the real you-
The you that goes on of itself

Now listen

It's absolutely necessary
That we let go of ourselves- and it can't be done,
Not by anything that we call doing it, acting, willing,
Or even just accepting things

It seems that the human being
Really has a very simple kind of mind
Nature is wiggly
Everything wiggles
And all this wiggliness is too complicated

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